If the journey with FAIRSUD is full of experience, the return is a wealth of beauty. And if the richness that you bring back with you is enough for your luggage, you will have the possibility to buy online some souvenirs, able to recreate sweet memories of the adventure lived in this unique land. The purchase is valid even if you are still deciding whether our proposal is worthy or not, so that we can convince you to touch the quality of the products supplied by our community. In this section, you will be able to put into your virtual trolley all those products (land products and man products) that best expresses not only the typical Sicilian excellences but also the fair value (related to knowledge, comparison and price) of the FAIRSUD network.

Have a good shopping!

“We want people to know the richness of the Sicilian hinterland” Oriana Ruvitoso, Cooperativa Etnos

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