We are nurturing a challenging but possible dream: developing a new way of doing business, based on the best profit and non-profit practices; a paradigm that relies on the ethicality of the productive relationship between the customer, the supplier and the non-profit organization.
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FAIRSUD your experience in Sicily means to combine the best non-profit organizations of the Sicilian territory and a growth model particularly useful for the local communities”.

FAIRSUD [Your Experience in Sicily] aims to create an ethical organization that, on the one hand, protects the customer as regards the purchase of a good (or service) of a territory and, on the other hand, helps create a new model of enterprise oriented to the maximum respect of workers, environmental and social sustainability and the creation of ethical and untraditional protection networks.

FAIRSUD will appraise the model of Sicilian territorial experience – areas of Ragusa, Caltanissetta and Palermo, particularly – originated from the network of socio-economic relations between profit and non-profit, local and national subjects, and through which it is possible to incentivize the sharing of projects – products – services, educational paths and common views.

FAIRSUD has a dream: proposing and recreating this model all over the South of Europe. To join us, it is sufficient to subscribe to our page and to this manifesto.

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