With fingers in the pie (of cocoa). At the laboratory Quetzal.

The history of the chocolate of Modica comes from faraway and, for centuries, it has been marking the days and the typical features of the Baroque city situated in the South-East of Sicily. Indeed, because of its cold production, its granular goodness, its intrinsic characteristics, the chocolate is a really unique and special product.

Knowing it means tasting the territory, its natural first fruits, its handmade excellences. Knowing it means putting the fingers in the pie of cocoa and realizing some typical bars as well.

The laboratory Quetzal proposes an itinerary in which tourists can become “chocolatiers for one day”. For twenty years Quetzal has been for citizens a point of trade and comparison of the fair trade themes and products and a creative chocolate laboratory as well. A taste laboratory able to combine raw materials (organic, ethical) of the territory (carob bean, hemp, manna, orange, hazelnut, spices, chili pepper…) with the traditional cocoa working process, through a long history that connects Modica to the Maya and Aztec people. While you wait for the products to be cold, you can visit both the fair trade shop of the Cooperative Quetzal and the laboratory places in order to know the equipment and the secrets of the production. At the end, while you have some sweet tasting , you will be able to think about the multiple aspects that revolves around a new and more ethical way of conceiving trade.

Other informations

Duration of the chocolate preparation itinerary: approximately 2 hours.

NOTE: Max 8 people actively involved.

We will contact you back within 3 working days for availability.


WHAT: chocolate preparation class

WHEN: from Monday to Friday, startinig at 3:30 pm

DURATION: about 2 hours

GROUP: 1-8 people

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