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By sea or by land, this is how you can discover the South-East of Sicily. A strip of land filled with history to be discovered through museums and monuments, rich of odours and flavours to be tasted, wealthy in rural and literal itineraries to be passed through, walking or reading among alleys and paths. This corner of Sicily, so lively in its uniqueness, shares with the rest of the Island art and hospitality.

The city of Quasimodo: historical-artistic and literary itinerary among the Baroque native quarters of Salvatore Quasimodo, delighted with the poems reading of the Nobel Prize.

Ash of Auschwitz: Modica brings in its history witnesses of the Hebraic people presence in the “Cartellone” quarter, where religious intolerance gave rise to the massacre in 1474. A promenade in the maze of alleys will allow you to live again the local history and to think about the dramatic theme of the Holocaust. You will pass through the ancient Hebraic quarter, in order to reach Saint Mary of Bethlehem, where the massacre took place; at the end you will be guided to the native home of Salvatore Quasimodo where the reading of his poem “Auschwitz” will give you another cause for reflection.

Lyrical itinerary: Among alleys and poetry: lyrical itinerary dedicated to Salvatore Quasimodo, man and poet. The itinerary, characterized by reading of poems and letters of the poet, tells about life and poetry of Salvatore Quasimodo, twisting and turning through the city alleys that, for the occasion, serve as a natural stage, able to charm the visitors. Music accompanies and enrich the path, making it more suggestive.

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Tours can be organized every day, depending on guide's availability. Price is for the whole group (from 1 up to 20 people)

La Città di Quasimodo: € 165

Cenere d’Auschwitz: € 212

Percorso lirico "Tra Vicoli e Poesia": € 365

We will contact you back within 3 working days for availability


DURATION: about 3 hours

GROUPS: from 1 up to 20 people

GUIDED TOURS discovering historical and cultural beauty of Modica

WHEN: every day, depending on guide's availability

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